Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Holder

Here is a Christmas gift I made for Marmee and Papa. I decided to try the new technique I saw on Pinterest. Print out your words and outline on top of the paper with a ball point pen. Pushing on the wood creates an indentation in the wood underneath for you to paint within.

Inspiration Site!

I painted the whole thing white and then blue and then painted the lettering white.

Great technique. 
I then sanded the edges a bit to let some white show through.

I got adventurous and disassembled the clothes pins. I then painted all the wood pieces white, waited for them to dry, and attached the metal spring to one half.
I then measured and nailed the 1/2 pins along the board bottom.

I then used a paintbrush to open the spring up (which took some practice, it's like working with mousetraps, yikes!) and slid the other half in.

Make sure to add one of these to the back :)
Proud grandparents can then clip pictures of their grandkids to the board and have them out for all to see :)

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