Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Wreath

I know it's late, but this was a Christmas gift so I couldn't post it earlier.
Another Dollar Tree wreath
Same vase filler beads
I would recommend wrapping the ribbon first but I had already glued the beads on so ribbon came second.
For the bow I cut two strips of burlap and made an 8 with each and glued them on.
Glue a third strip across the middle of the bow and glue a loop on the back to hang it. 
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Felt Projects

Felt is really quite affordable. I was excited to pick up some sheets at Hobby Lobby and begin my projects!
Sorry, I was pretty bad about documenting the crown taking.
Print off the patterns, pick which you like most.
Fold the felt and place pattern on fold.

Cut out an iron-on fusing in the same shape (not folded)
Sew on any embellishments to one side of your crown first.
Iron the webbing on one side.
Sew right sides together shut, leaving an opening for turning and sewing an elastic band in on one side. (Sorry, see inspiration site for better instructions :)
Turn right side out, stick other end of elastic in the opening and top stitch all around.

The end. Present the crowns to the little Kings and Queens

These were my next project. 
They are an item on etsy. That's right, no pattern for these. I just copied what I could see.

The shape of the felt rectangles made making an envelope a bit of a challenge but I tried various sizes and found one in the end that I like most.

The most fun part was to pick complementary colors for the stamps, hearts and big hearts for the inside.

An example of why I asked for pinking shears for Christmas :)

See them coming together? You can pick which shape you like best.

For hearts, fold in half and cut to ensure a simetrical heart. As if you didn't learn this doing Valentine's crafts in elementary school!

Cut out larger hearts for the "love" notes inside
Here's where it get's a bit tedious. You could probably sew this all with white thread and be done in a jiffy but I decided to go all out and sew with coordinating thread for each item. Purple heart on blue stamp, blue stamp on pink envelope and "sew" on (pun intended. Sorry)

1 sew all the hearts on the stamps
2 Sew the stamps on the envelopes
3 sew the squiggly lines (words) on the env. fronts
4 sew the velcro on 
5 sew around the large hearts whenever that color thread is in use
6 finally, sew up the envelopes

Cut velcro for each envelope

Monday, January 16, 2012


We got to go to an awesome Harry Potter party! In order to be prepared to arrive as Hermione, I needed a wand. I found these instructions on Pinterest.

Roll a regular sheet of printer paper into a tube starting at one corner, put a line of glue from a glue stick diagonally down the paper and continue to roll until you have your tube. 
Glue shut with hot glue.
Using hot glue and inspiration from Harry Potter, create a magic design on your wand :)
Fill in the ends with hot glue.
Paint a wood-like color
If desired, add gold accent paint to the raised parts of the wand. Husband didn't like the gold, I did. You can pick.
Go work your magic!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stretchy Headbands for Cents

I've slowed a bit in the crafting department and a lot in the blogging department!

These tights are cheap in the nylon section at Walmart or similar stores. Each knee sock "pod" comes with 2 socks. 
1) Measure baby's head and cut accordingly (leaving 1/2"-1" for overlapping and sewing).
2) overlap ends (making sure you don't twist the headband)
3) sew with a zig-zag stitch
4) Sew the end of a ribbon across the middle of the band, making sure to sew over the overlapped ends
5) wrap the ribbon around the headband and hot glue or slip stitch it closed
Now you should have two stretchy headbands that each have a loop for clipping bows!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wrap Dress Copy

I saw this dress online and LOVED the look. I like this clothing line "Tea" clothing. But it's sold at Norstrom. Enough said. I'll settle for trying to copy the looks!

I had an old tee shirt that had a hole toward the bottom. Time to experiment!
The dream...

The shirt...

Cut off top

Cut off sleeves and make it "wrap"

Blank slate of paper taped together

Use a dress for a basic outline

 How does it measure up?
(I wish I had made it wider, cotton doesn't stretch as much as the knit dress I'm measuring it on)
Cut a band of accent fabric. Sew it all together.
*Sorry no pictures of sleeves or waistband creation*
I used the existing sleeves, sewed them smaller and re-attached them to the shirt/dress

Tights to match, made in this previous post.

By no means perfect but a good experiment.

$2 wreath

I found these wreaths at the Dollar Tree (score!). I bought a bag of filler balls there too...
Glue them on in no particular order
Made some easy roses from left over burlap
Hang on a wreath hanger that I got for 90% off after Halloween at Target!
Wa La!