Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Candy Bar for the Wedding

My mom and I got to put together a candy bar for my little sister's wedding reception. It was so fun!

Here's the whole table.

Hershey Nuggets wrapped in paper.

 Taffy Skewers
floral foam in the vase surrounded by crinkle paper

 Paper bags with stickers to seal the bags closed.

Some of the wedding party enjoying a treat!

 Mom collected all kinds of great jars, and a few packs of candy scoops and tongs.
List of candy:
grey m&ms
Swedish Fish
mint Lifesavers
pink Tootsie Pops
Gummy grapefruit slices
strawberry taffy skewers
pastel Skittles
almond Kisses/Dove chocolates
sour grapefruit gummy belts
tutti fruity candy sticks
Kirkland brand peanut butter cups
Gummy champagne bubbles
white Jordan almonds
8 kinds of white, red, pink m&ms
4 kinds of Jelly Bellies
fruit hard sucker pops
Hershey Nuggets

We found the candy at Target, Costco, Amazon.com, and other online stores

This was such a fun part of the reception. 
Now what to do with the leftovers... :)

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